Our Values


Transparency, honesty, and accountability shape the foundation of our interactions with partners, distributors, employees, and customers. We also strictly adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and fairness as well as our own code of ethics.

Competitive Quality & Value

Through continuous innovation, careful selection, efficient processes, and strategic pricing, we aim to deliver exceptional products and services that exceed expectations, ensuring the highest level of quality in every aspect of the shopping experience.


Forecasting market trends is crucial to our success. Our dedicated team monitors and analyzes emerging trends by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven methodologies to identify future opportunities and anticipate market shifts.

Customer - Focus

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is our end goal. By providing personalized solutions, prompt support, and ongoing engagement we build strong, long-lasting relationships that foster loyalty and drive mutual growth.

Dedication to science

By prioritizing scientific integrity, we strive to deliver reliable, effective, and safe solutions to our customers. Our commitment to science-based products ensures that our customers can trust the quality, efficacy, and credibility of our brands' selection

Collaborative Teamwork

Great achievements are the result of collective efforts and diverse perspectives coming together. We foster a culture of collaboration, where every team member's input is valued and leveraged. That way we are able to tackle complex challenges and deliver exceptional results

Our Business Group

Deep Reservoir of Business expertise, Honed Over Years of Navigating Challenges

Alsahli Contracting

With over 25 years of experience, our general contracting and maintenance company serves both the public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia. Since its inception, the company has undertaken and successfully delivered numerous major projects. Our track record stands as a testament to our expertise, reliability, and commitment to excellence.

27%Growth Rate
4Partnering Brands
41Team Members
150Partnering Retailers

+25 Years of Experience in Cosmetics Market

Unveiling the Future: What’s in Store

• To finalize our exclusive agency agreements with four more emerging brands from South Korea by the end of 2023. To repeat the success we have with our partnering brands using our own mix of distribution and marketing strategy.
• To take Some By Mi, our flagship partnering brand, into a new strategic direction, aligning our business goals with an innovative new product line, marketing strategy and refined positioning.
• To maintain and expand our distribution network. To collaborate with our customers, the retailers modern and traditional, and to help them achieve their sale targets in regards to our brands.
• To grow our e-commerce platform, Serfel.com, as the ultimate sanctuary for global brands, creating a trusted destination where consumers can rely on exceptional value and competitive pricing. In parallel, Serfel would serve as a platform to introduce conservative consumers to our selection of emerging brands coming from Korea and USA.

Top Imported Brands

A Transformative Partnership

Nrsen | SOME BY MI

Over the past few years, our partnership with Some by Mi- a best-selling and emerging Korean brand- has been nothing short of remarkable. Together, we have embarked on an incredible journey to make the Saudi Market one of the top growing markets for the brand. The following case study aims to highlight the pivotal role we have played in this remarkable transformation, illustrating how our collaborative efforts have propelled our partner to unparalleled success.

Our Partnering Retailers

Our world around the world

Riyadh, KSA

Our headquarters and main warehouse in Riyadh are responsible for all aspects of our company, including sales, marketing, logistics, scientific officer, and general management.

Dubai, UAE

Our Dubai branch takes care of our distribution business of cosmetics and skincare products domestically in UAE and internationally. This includes sourcing products from manufacturers/suppliers, packing and shipping products, and managing inventory.

Cairo, Egypt

Our Cairo branch takes care of our distribution business of cosmetics and skincare products domestically in Egypt. Also, provides the IT solutions and web development services to our companies.

Seoul, Korea

Our office in Seoul, South Korea provide a wide range of operational and logistic services to our company. These services include warehousing, shipping, customs clearance, and distribution.

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